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Depending on his personality, every salesperson has his strengths and weaknesses in the sales process, regardless of his experience or industry. These must be recognised and exploited. At the same time, it is important to adapt optimally to the personality of the potential customer. The participants gain the ability to optimally adapt their sales process to the respective customer.

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Today, the customer assumes that salespeople know their product and their market. What sets a successful salesman apart from the average is his personality. About 90% of our success results from our relationship with other people. Today, selling is essentially shaped by the personality of the salesperson, the personality of the customer, their relationship to each other and the product. The key to sales success is the relationship intelligence of the salesperson: his sales intelligence.



  • What are the success factors of top sellers?
  • Who am I and how do I affect others?
  • Basics of relationship competence
  • Communicate typologically correct
  • Body language, language, voice and content
  • Customers communicate differently than sellers / active listening
  • Emotional intelligence as a key factor /
  • Finding the needs of your interlocutor
  • master the sales process



In this seminar the participants get to know the effect of their own personality and become aware of its effect on others. They will more easily recognize the needs of others and will radiate more security, peace and persuasiveness. This is based on the following insights: Which sales type am I? How do I recognize my counterpart? Which success strategies do I use in sales?


Prerequisites for participation:

Good general education: preferably completed vocational training, experience or current activity in sales or customer service


Strategies and methods:

Analyses of personality and sales strategy with INSIGHTS MDI, theoretical basics of typology, case studies, group work, exercises, role plays


Target groups:

All employees with experience or current activity in sales or customer service, for the commercial and industrial service sector.


What you will achieve in this seminar:

The participants become relationship managers and know how to “reach” every customer, they learn how to deal with other people according to their personality type.



INSIGHTS MDI Potential and Motivation Analysis (Sales Report)


Seminar documents:


  • Analysis of potential and motivation of INSIGHTS MDI®, bound and as PDF file
  • Seminar Handbook: Sales Intelligence for Every Participant


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