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Effective teams have numerous characteristics in common: open communication, clearly defined goals and readiness. To subordinate individual goals to group goals. Further characteristics are: understanding for others and a feedback marked by appreciation. Good internal communication within the team is decisive for team success.

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Achieving the company’s goals requires smooth, effective and motivating cooperation in an appreciative atmosphere in which the strengths of the individual are recognised and used in the team. The “secrets” of successful teamwork are worked out in a compressed and highly efficient form.



  • Team situation and arrangement
  • Personal assessment of the position of all team members
  • Basics of communication
  • Mutual appreciation, trust and fairness
  • Prevent, manage and optimally resolve conflicts
  • Communication in a team
  • Team dynamics
  • Individual contribution to team success
  • Feedback rules, praise and recognition



The participants learn to understand themselves and the other team members better, both with regard to their individual strengths and weaknesses and with regard to what each individual can contribute to team success. After the seminar, they will be able to identify and eliminate potential conflicts and better align their preferences with those of other team members. In this way, much better communication, harmony, efficiency and team dynamics are created.


Prerequisites for participation:

Good general education


Strategies and methods:

This measure is based on modern and powerful tools from INSIGHTS MDI which make both personal preferences and the team constellation transparent in terms of personality and motivation.


What you will achieve in this seminar:

You will gain a good understanding of team dynamics and learn how to put together and lead effective teams. You will learn how, as a team member, you can increase your influence within the team by responding better to the needs of others and identifying both the strengths and limitations of different personality types.


Target groups:

Team leaders, team members of all hierarchical levels, for commercial and industrial employees, service providers and trading companies



INSIGHTS MDI Potential and Motivation Analysis


Seminar documents:  

  • Potential and Motivation Analysis of INSIGHTS MDI® Bound and as PDF
  • Seminar manual

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