Become part of a strong brand as a trainer, coach or consultant.

The EQ-TRAIN® license partnership!




EQ-TRAIN® exclusively develops and markets the EQ-TRAIN® training coaching, consulting and development concepts as well as the products of our cooperation partners.


The EQ-TRAIN® licensor makes the developed processes, products and services as well as the associated know-how available to selected and trained license partners (trainers, coaches, consultants), who in return ensure a professional way of working..


EQ-TRAIN® license partners enjoy the following advantages:


  • Use of the protected EQ-TRAIN® trademark
  • EQ-TRAIN® branding package (layout for business card, PPP etc.)
  • Own EQ-TRAIN® homepage (analog
  • EQ-TRAIN® starter kit with prepared training modules
  • Special conditions for further training within the EQ-TRAIN® Academy
  • Special conditions for further training and certification at all EQ-TRAIN® cooperation partners
  • Accreditation and use of the tools used at special EQ-TRAIN® partner conditions (in cooperation with the corresponding licensees)
  • acquisition support
  • Cooperation and network building (e.g. BVMW)
  • Brand development and market positioning through social media contacts



In our staff selection and staff development processes we use powerful tools such as the online diagnostics tools

as well as exclusively in Germany the innovative tool of “Quantified.Company” for the survey of the working climate index.



Contact us by e-mail if you are interested in the EQ-Train® License Partnership as a trainer, coach or consultant or if you are interested in the current “Google Study” on the significance of EQ in leadership.