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For many years we have been successfully active in the areas of staff selection as well as staff and executive development and have extensive experience and expertise in the conception and implementation of related measures.

In order to be successful in today’s fast-moving market and to survive against your competition, your company needs a good organisational structure, clearly structured and effective workflows and, above all, highly qualified and motivated specialist and leaders. We support you in creating or further optimising these important basic requirements for a successful activity.

We proceed as follows

Needs analysis and order clarification

The basis of our work is always a detailed analysis of the current situation in the company. First of all, we hold discussions with the company management and the HR managers in order to gain a first impression of the company and to get to know the expectations of the company management. A detailed analysis on the basis of established tools such as the INQA company check and / or the INSIGHTS MDI (potential and motivation analysis) or the ASSESS (competence analysis for managers) is carried out after placing the order.

Offer preparation

On the basis of the needs defined in the discussions with the company management and the HR managers, the entrepreneurial focus and the expectations, we submit you an individually tailored offer for the selection of staff, staff and/or executive development.

Determination of potential / Determination of position

As experts for staff diagnostics, potential identification, competence analyses, stress prevention and company checks, we provide your company with targeted support in identifying and developing the potentials in specialists and managers. By using proven and tested diagnostic procedures such as “INSIGHTS MDI”, “ASSESS “by Scheelen and Relief, we determine individual strengths, weaknesses, competencies and development potentials as well as the so-called stress index. On the basis of detailed, holistic analyses of the current situation, we develop a concept for staff and/or management development that is individually tailored to the respective specialist or manager and which we implement in consulting, workshops, training courses and coaching sessions. In addition, we support you in selecting the most suitable employee for a specific function on the basis of requirement profiles defined jointly with you.

Implementation of the concepts

With the background of our professional experience, we generally use modular concepts that build on each other, each with several phases. In trainings, workshops and coaching sessions based on the detailed analysis, potentials and leadership competencies are developed step by step and – depending on requirements – further developed in further modules.

Wishes fulfilled!

Goals achieved!


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