Identifying and exploiting employee potential

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Participants will learn about concrete procedures, how they can

  1. Create personality-related target profiles
  2. Measure behavioural preferences and motives, and
  3. Develop development potential.

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The ever-increasing demand is countered by a declining supply of highly qualified workers. In order to be competitive and successful in the long term, the central question for companies now more than ever is: How do we find the right talents that suit us and how do we make optimum use of existing employees? New approaches are needed here. The Gallup studies confirm the “horror summary” year after year. Only 12-13% of employees have a strong emotional attachment to their employer and around 80% of employees in large German companies still confirm that they cannot use their potentials in their day-to-day work. This tool-based seminar shows new ways and solutions for staff selection and strategic staff development.



  • Getting to know the INSIGHTS MDI Potential and Motivation Analyses. These are outstandingly suitable for the selection and development of co-workers
  • Getting to know the ASSESS Competence Development Reports. These are ideal for the development of Leaders positions at every level of the hierarchy.
  • Methods for the development of high-quality workplace analyses
  • Methods for the development of high-quality competence models




Companies that take the topic of talent management seriously, hire, train and motivate the “right” employees will achieve a 50% increase in service, quality and customer satisfaction and growth rates of 60-300% over the competition.


Prerequisites for participation:

Experience in personnel work


Strategies and methods:

This measure is based on modern and efficient methods and expert systems. In the “self-experiment” the participants get to know various development tools such as INSIGHTS MDI, ASSESS and test various methods for the development of high-quality workplace analyses and competence models.


What you will achieve in this seminar:

You will recognize how the requirements of a job holder with regard to his personality, his motives and, if applicable, his leadership skills are clearly defined and recorded. Over- and under strains are avoided and the optimal matching between workplace/position and person is created. This leads to lower fluctuation, higher productivity and job satisfaction..


Target groups:

HR managers, entrepreneurs, managing directors, staff developers from all industries



INSIGHTS MDI Potential and Motivation Analysis

ASSESS® Competence Development Report (PDF Report 25-30 pages)



Seminar documents:

  • Analysis of potential and motivation of INSIGHTS MDI®, bound and as PDF file
  • Seminar manual


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