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It is essential to ensure your efficiency so that potential tendencies towards burnout can be stopped preventively and at an early stage. This is not only an essential concern of the company management, but also an entrepreneurial obligation in the context of the BGM and the industrial safety law. Our coaching is suitable to increase productivity and individual well-being.

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Today more than ever, managers and other top performers are dependent on maintaining their performance. With our procedures and methods, we are in a position to identify occupational stress sources and the consequences that arise individually from them.



  • Health promotion
  • Stress prevention
  • Performance maintenance
  • Biotrain Mental Processing



In personal coaching you will get to know your sources of stress and recognize their short and long-term effects. Inner stress intensifiers become conscious, the sense of the professional task becomes clear. Resources and resilience factors are also recognized and activated if necessary. Burnout processes are effectively prevented.



This measure is based on the RELIEF industrial psychology diagnostic procedure. On the basis of an online survey, the tool provides clear insights into the individual stresses and strains and is therefore an ideal basis for an individual coaching process if required.


What you achieve in this coaching:

You receive a good information basis about your personal stress load, its causes and effects and can counteract on this basis preventively. Stress patterns are recognized as well as coping factors in stress events. Thus personal fields of action are identified with little effort. A plan of action with a concrete objective is developed.


If necessary, the fields of action and the implementation of the defined goals are accompanied and supported in follow-up coaching sessions.