EQ-TRAIN® is now the German distributor for the “Quantified Company (QC)”Tool.

QC is a unique new online tool for employee surveys in German-speaking countries.

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Quantified. Company is a platform that helps companies understand the importance of the Work Climate Index and measure and increase employee engagement and satisfaction. This modern tool makes it possible to assess the current status quo in terms of commitment and satisfaction of employees and teams and enables you to improve this with appropriate measures. In addition, this tool also enables quality assurance and optimization in the area of processes. In contrast to previous methods for determining employee satisfaction, the QC-tool is easy to use and is highly accepted by employees and HR departments due to the low effort required for the survey and its evaluation.

The survey of the status quo takes place in a process that resembles a conversation between team members rather than a survey. Employees talk about motivators and challenges in the workplace and the QC tool summarize the core results. This results in concrete implementation proposals. The effort for the human resource departments is therefore very low. We will then take over further steps for you.

If you want to increase the commitment, the satisfaction of your employees and their loyalty to your company, you now have the opportunity to work on it.

The first three customer projects (order of registration is decisive) are carried out with 50% discount and our full support. Your HR department only needs 4-5 hours to prepare this, we will do the rest for you and present the results and development proposals to you.

Don’t miss this opportunity and contact us for more information!

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