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Our offer is intended in particular for prospective professionals who are about to decide to start a vocational training or study. We can support you in a goal-oriented way

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Do you know what you are really interested in and which profession or study is suitable for you due to your personality and motivation and will bring you satisfaction and joy? Shortly before graduating from high school, the question arises for many how things should go on now. Vocational training, dual studies or “classical” studies at a university? Often – also due to a lack of knowledge of one’s own abilities – a decision is made which is then regretted in the first semesters or during vocational training. Our consulting in combination with INSIGHTS MDI Potential and Motivation Analysis provides a picture of your characteristics and development opportunities.



  • Feedback about your behavioural preferences
  • Feedback about the motives
  • Own “Soft skills”- strength/ weakness
  • Individual development and training needs
  • If required, individual guidelines for the applicant interview



Do you want to avoid wasting time and money on a course of study that does not meet your expectations, for which you do not have the personal or professional requirements, with which you cannot identify or which has too little practical or professional relevance?



Online Analysis, Consulting

What you achieve in this coaching:

We support you in finding out which professions or study courses correspond to your abilities and interests and enable you to make one of the most important decisions in your life, the decision about your career path, with more certainty on a scientific basis. If required, we offer follow-up coaching sessions to accompany and support the fields of action and the implementation of the defined goals.



  • INSIGHTS MDI Potential and Motivation Analyses (PDF Report 35-40 pages)